Welcome Back 2019-2020 School Year!!

Hello Parents and Guardians of Room 503 students!  I hope all is going well during the start of the new school year.  As promised, here is our Back to School Night PowerPoint slideshow with information specific to our class.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Don’t forget to follow our classroom blog, in case I make any postings on here.  Class Dojo is our primary way of communicating with you.

Classroom 503 Back to School Night July 2019-20


Party on Dec. 16

Dear Parents,

Be on the lookout for an online Google Document to sign up for our graham cracker/ice cream cone decorating party!  It will take place at 1:00 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 16,  in our classroom 503.  I am also asking for volunteers to help me facilitate and set up this fun event.  If you are able to help, please let me know.


Thank you!

-Ms. Crowley

Coming Up This Week…..

Monday 11/14:

  • No P.E. today
  • Math Chapter 5 assessment on OARS (Factors, Multiples, and Patterns).  Use Chapter Test online on Go Math website to review.  Review vocabulary words online as well.


  • P.E.-Wear appropriate attire


  • V.A.P.A. Rotations (8:45-11:45a.m)


  • Lockdown Drill (10:00 a.m.)
  • P.E.


  • Homework is due; No homework during Thanksgiving break!
  • Fun Friday
  • Thanksgiving Break:  Nov. 21-25; return to school on Monday, Nov. 28.
  • Modified Day Dismissal at 1:55pm

Congratulations to our Award Recipients

Eddyson and Eron for Academic Excellence.  They always strive for their best and are eager to learn and teach!

Lizeth and Diego for the Character Trait of Responsibility.   They both are very responsible when it comes to expectations in class.

Jessica for Most Improved.  Jessica is much more participative and likes to help others!

I’m so proud of all five of you….you are shining stars!


Canned Food Drive-Please Help


It’s that time of year again! Please join our efforts to help the children and families of our wonderful school district, CVESD. Our goal is to pack 600 boxes of canned  non- perishable goods to be delivered to our most needy families.

What? Non- perishable canned goods

When? November 2nd- 20th

Where? Drop off in designated bins/ boxes in MPR

Image result for holiday food driveImage result for holiday food driveImage result for holiday food drive

Mission Field Trip Slideshow

Despite the train dilemma towards the end of the trip, it was a great time at Mission San Juan Capistrano.  The children enjoyed it.  We learned a lot about the mission way of life.  It was really beautiful there and the students did great throughout the day.  I was very proud of them.  Enjoy the pictures!

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Mission San Juan Capistrano Field Trip Reminder

Remember:  Field Trip on MONDAY, OCTOBER 24TH!!!

This is an extended day field trip.  Parents are required to pick their child up in the Hedenkamp parking lot at 6:30 p.m.  Busses may run late; please be patient.  We will not release your child unless you are there.  They MAY NOT walk home.

Students must bring their own backpack to carry their own lunch, snacks, and drinks.  Students will need to pack enough food and drink to last throughout the day.    Please label student backpacks and lunches.   We will eat lunch when we arrive at the mission.  Students are allowed to snack and drink while on the train.

Students need to dress comfortably with walking shoes, jackets, and hat, if needed.  Sunscreen is also advised and would be good to carry in their own back pack.

Students may bring electronic devices or cameras, but they are their own responsibility.  Please label all devices.

Students may bring money to buy souvenirs.  Parent chaperones MUST accompany students into the Mission store.


  1.  Listen to and obey all adults.  Do not talk over anyone.
  2. Stay with your group throughout the mission.
  3. Stay seated while riding the train.  Students are allowed to eat, drink, play on electronic devices, and do any other seated activity while on the train.  There should be no child out of their seat unless they are using the restroom.  Students will not be allowed to purchase food from the train’s food cart.
  4. Respect all rules on the train and in the mission.
  5. Do not run anywhere.
  6. Be respectful and quiet in the church.
  7. Show a positive attitude.


  1.  You will be in charge of a small group of children (about 3 or less).  You must make sure they are accounted for at all times.  You will be given a list with their names.  We have a total of 27 students attending and 8 parent chaperones (unless more have purchased their own train tickets).
  2. You  need to be firm, yet respectful, to your group of children.  Remind them of “common sense” behaviors (which children sometimes forget).   State your expectations clearly.
  3. Guide students through the mission to each important spot; have discussions about each exhibit; help them realize how the Mission system worked and how it affected California (the land and its native people).  Students MUST take notes on their travel guide they will receive at the mission.  These will need to be collected and given to me by the end of the trip.
  4. Accompany students to bathrooms and souvenir shops.  Do not allow students to enter shop until entire tour of mission is complete.


Reading Recognition Certificates


A few of Ms. Crowley’s fabulous fourth graders received Reading Recognition Certificates for being the top three point earners this quarter in Reading A-Z, Achieve 3000, and Accelerated Reader (A.R).

They were:

Achieve 3000

  • Kayla 1218 points/11 achievements
  • Chrystal 1159 points/5 achievements
  • Eddyson 1061 points/5 achievements


  • Paulina 1840 stars
  • Rainier 1360 stars
  • Serena 1100 stars

Accelerated Reader (A.R.)

  • Eddyson 21.1 points
  • Zim 15.8 points
  • Joey 6.5 points

Lunch Bunch

The Homework Super Stars and I enjoyed our lunch bunch last Thursday.   They were very responsible completing homework this quarter!

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